"As an interior designer", I feel it's a high calling to walk into someone's home and set about crafting a space that answers their need for structure, peace and beauty in their lives. It is truly a privilege.

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Julie was such an asset to my renovation project. She has an excellent eye for scale and color, and is very knowledgeable about the latest trends. Julie was always punctual and always cheerful. I will definitely go to her with my future design needs.

BEST DECISION EVER!  Julie has been so great to work with, especially in terms of creatively using some family pieces that I couldn't part with, that weren't being honored in the manner I was previously using them. Julie was just amazing at making our home not only beautiful, but functional. Before you "go it on your own," I recommend talking to Julie.

From the moment a guest walks into our home, they begin to OOH and AHHHH! While she has helped me pick out several new elements, I loved how she helped us to reimagine items and furniture that we already had. There hasn't been a month that has gone by in the last six years that I haven't given thanks for the gifts and talents of Julie Corley.

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