Having Trouble Choosing Paint And Décor For Your Homes’ Interiors?

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Let’s face it, interior design isn’t as easy as it appears on social media. If you attempt to do it yourself without the fundamentals of design and clear ideas, your DIY project is likely to entail a range of challenges that can be costly.

If you plan to revamp your home’s interiors, the easiest way to go about this is with a fresh coat of paint and new décor. However, even with these refurbishing methods, there is a possibility of problems like choosing the wrong paint or décor elements, cluttering your home, and creating a setup that you dislike.

I often receive phone calls from homeowners who attempted to decorate their houses themselves but ended up with poor outcomes, and usually, the result of this is always the same three problems. To help you avoid these issues, I’ve listed them below, along with solutions so you can overcome them with ease when you decide to revamp your home’s interiors.

1. How do you select a paint that works for you when there are thousands to choose from?
While making a choice may seem complicated, there is a way to pick paint and not regret your decision. To make the right choice, take into consideration the type of light used in your home, the colors of the fabrics or other materials in the room, the style of your furnishings, your personal likes and dislikes. Once you know what these details are, you can determine which color paints will complement them

2. Something doesn’t feel right about my choice. How do I figure out what’s wrong?
One of the foremost problems faced when decorating is figuring out what is wrong with your choices, even though it seems that everything is like it should be. While this sounds like a strange situation, I am usually brought in to solve this very problem as a designer. That’s because sometimes it takes the trained eye of a professional to help you spot what’s missing or what’s skewed with your décor. Our fresh point of view will help you see your situation from a new perspective and understand what needs to be changed.

As an interior designer, I have found that very often, this situation can be solved through the comparative scale of what’s in the room. The scale of design pieces used in comparison with the scale of the room, the scale of other pieces in the room, and the scale of patterns used all play a vital role in the overall connectedness of the room.

3. How do organization skills fit into the interior design process?
Organization skills are critical in all phases of design. The design process itself must be organized, and the project must allow you to maintain an organized surrounding. Everything must be considered during the allocation of space. All functions of your family life must be taken into account in your designs, and there must be a place for everything. If you want all of your belongings to fit in, organization is your key. It will not only improve the aesthetics of your home but also ensure it runs smoothly.

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