Common Mistakes People Make With Home Interior Design

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When it comes to interior designing, you will want to have it all for your home, be it the best home furnishings or the trendiest décor styles. Moreover, you may be tempted to choose various looks and pieces based on the latest fashion without determining how your space will appear and feel. This, unfortunately, can lead to interior design chaos, making your home look unappealing.

Interior designing requires design related knowledge and a keen eye for detail. As an individual with limited experience in designing interiors, you may find the whole process challenging as you unknowingly commit costly mistakes along the way. To help you make the right choices and avoid some basic errors, Saché Designs: Interior Designs by Julie Corley has put together three of the most common mistakes people make with home interior design.

1. Not considering the scale and proportions
One of the most common mistakes made when planning the interior design for a space is forgetting to consider the scale of items the homeowner is trying to combine. This error mostly happens when people try to shift furniture, accessories, etc., from house to house and expect it to work. It’s critical to consider the ceiling height, especially in determining if something is appropriate for that area. Remember to allow full visual spaces (and even sometimes actual maneuverability and traffic pattern space). At the same time, remember what items ‘fit’ in one location may not suit the new location even if they can be physically put in place.

2. Buying expensive fabric
“Penny wise and pound foolish” is a familiar proverb that easily applies to interior design in many cases, particularly in fabric. When choosing fabrics for a house, homeowners must make sure they fit their life cycle. If a client has small children, they must choose a material that will allow for little fingers and rougher play. Paying for expensive, delicate fabrics doesn’t make sense if they will have to withstand the wear and tear of little ones. Choosing some of the washable fabrics now available in many patterns and colors will last longer for the younger family life cycle.

3. Liking too many décor styles
A common mistake customers make is liking many styles and not settling on one. As an interior designer, I understand eclectic tastes, and I can design for these requirements because even eclectic is a style with purpose and a particular look. On the other hand, just gathering things that the client likes with no purpose or style or continuity or transitions will end up in a mess. For this reason, homeowners must get help from an interior designer to form a plan that pulls all the styles they like and turn them into an appealing setup.

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