Is Hiring An Interior Designer Right For Me?

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In my experience as a professional interior designer, I often get asked if it’s worthwhile to hire an expert such as myself. As much as I’d love to say it is, the answer depends on the person asking this question. Working with an interior designer is a personal experience. It involves sharing your feelings and personality with a stranger in the hopes that they will respect your expectations and design your interiors to reflect your identity. At the same time, you want to make sure their services are a justifiable expense to avoid spending on something you ultimately dislike.

To help you determine if you should enlist a specialist in interior design, Saché Designs: Interior Designs by Julie Corley has explained the benefits and challenges of working with an interior designer. I have also shed light on the factors influencing their costs, and how you can make the most of their services.

The benefits of working with an interior designer
One of the primary advantages of enlisting an interior designer is to get the best use out of your home, be it in the form of comfort, luxury, functionality, or style. With an experienced interior designer on your side, you will be able to effortlessly choose durable materials, plan every inch of space in your house, and select a style that fits you!

Another benefit of working with an interior designer is creating soft transitions from one area to the next within your home, so you feel more cohesive and content with your surroundings. An interior designer’s skills will also enable you to avoid costly mistakes like the improper purchase and use of materials, color schemes, appliances, fixtures, and more.

The challenges of enlisting an interior designer
One of the biggest challenges of hiring an interior designer is finding a suitable candidate who will listen well to your needs and expectations. As the interior design and décor industry continues to grow, the quality of experts tends to vary. To ensure you identify the ideal expert for your needs, you must ensure they possess these three specific qualities:
1. God-given talent in the field.
2. Some education in this field.
3. Industry experience that speaks volumes.
Besides this, you also need to factor in the cost of hiring a professional interior designer. Usually, the charges for interior design services vary according to the specialist’s experience. However, the area of the country you live in can also influence interior design service pricing. If you’re looking to get a good deal on interior design services, you need to shortlist your interior designers based on word of mouth or reviews. Following this, you’ll need to check their websites for more information or speak with your local home furniture store owners to know how well-known these designers really are. Finally, you need to interview the professionals that you’ve picked and make a decision based on your interaction with them.

How to make the most of your interior design expert?
Once you’ve made your decision and hired an interior designer, you now need to put them to work to help you create the space you’ve been dreaming about. To get them going, you must talk to your designer and make sure they understand the project with all its details. Similarly, you’ll need to communicate to them what your lifestyle is like and how you expect it to influence the current designs. Your stage in life also plays a big part in how a design is planned out. If you have future plans, make sure that your interior designer knows about them so they can make the necessary provisions. In case you come across a problem, again, remember to talk to your designer as most situations can be worked through, whether it’s related to pricing, material, or aspects of design.

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